Levels and Class Description

Levels and Placement

The following is a generalized list of levels:

Tot: Preschool- 1st Grade

Beginner: 2nd-5th Grade

Intermediate: 6th-8th Grade

Advanced: 9th-12th Grade

Under the Spotlight loves to challenge our dancers and tumblers!  While we do specify by age and grade there is always room to move up levels quicker!  Choreographers reserve the right to move students whom they feel can perform at a higher level.  First time students will be placed where the choreographer feels they will be challenged but not overwhelmed.

Combo Classes

Each one of our combo classes will involve two different genres.  This is perfect for our younger dancers as it gives them more experience in added genres within a reasonable amount of time! If your dancer or tumbler is not in school yet, check out our day classes!

Technique Class

The technique class will focus on strength, flexibility, leaps, and turns!!! This is perfect for dancers who want an extra class to improve their technique throughout the year!!! This class is for students ages 6 and up.  There will not be choreography performed in this class.  This class will also not participate in the recital.

Class Descriptions

***All of our classes start with stretching and flexibility training.  Each genre taught at Under the Spotlight focuses on equal parts technique and choreography. ***

Ballet: Our ballet classes offer classical technique with grace and flowing movements.  Students will participate in barre work and middle floor work as well as choreography.

Ballet Shoes are required

Leotards are recommended

Tap: Tap is all about rhythm! This genre focuses on using toe and heel combinations to electrify the stage with outstanding sounds.  Technique from other genres are also used to give our tap classes even more energy.

Tap shoes are required

Tank tops, shorts, leggings, or leotards are recommended

Jazz: This genre is super upbeat offering a variety of technique for all levels. A focus of leaps, turns, and flexibility helps take this genre to the next level. Students love being able to dance to their favorite music in this fun class!

Jazz Shoes are required

Tank tops, shorts, leggings, or leotards are recommended

Hip-Hop: Another bright and fun genre that is comprised of isolations and challenging floor work.  Our hip-hop classes also bring in break dancing elements, tutting, and dynamic choreography.

Hip-Hop Sneakers or converse shoes are required

Tanks Tops, Shorts, Leggings, Harem pants, t-shirts are recommended

Contemporary:  Contemporary is a hybrid of different genres of dance.  It focuses on total body movement, balance, flexibility, isolations and more! Unlike other genres it is not bound by any set of rules!  It is an expression and can be perceived in many different ways.

Turners are required

Tank tops, shorts, leggings, or leotards are recommended

Acrobatics: Acrobatics combines contortion, tumble, and partner stunting. Flexibility and balance are a main focus in this genre.  Acro is always a head turner and so much fun with all the partner tricks!!!  

No shoes are required

Gymnastics or dance leotards or bra tops and shorts are recommended.

Tumble:  Each level of tumble is comprised of different skills and tricks from somersaults to back twists.  At the tot level we focus on strengthening muscles and improving flexibility for harder tricks. Beginner level works on tricks such as handstand tuck and roll, bridges, back bends, walkovers, etc.  Intermediate levels focuses on combination front and back walk overs, ariels, handsprings, back hand springs.  Advanced level students must have either a back handspring or ariel to participate.  They are working on back tucks, layouts, twists, and advanced combinations.

No Shoes required

Gymnastics or dance leotards or bra tops and shorts are recommended.